Why Big Agra’s 
Best-Selling Food
The Environmental Protection Agency and FDA swore it’s safe to eat.
Yet it can cause everything from prostate enlargement to prostate cancer.
Here’s how to reverse the damage it has done to your prostate. 
Plus, keep it well-nourished for optimal performance.
Every man over the age of 40 needs to heed this important warning…
Big Agra has lied, deceived and sold off your manhood while lining their pockets.

And they’ve done it with the blessing of the EPA, FDA and the very agencies that should be protecting you.

You see, Big Agra’s best-selling food in America is actually poisoning your prostate.

That’s because it contains inflammatory gluten. It’s a hormone disruptor. It’s riddled with the toxic herbicides atrazine and glyphosate. Plus, it’s also high in a toxin called fumonisin.

As a result, it puts your prostate in a constant state of stress.

When you eat this rogue food, toxins are transported to your prostate. This, in turn, fans the flames of inflammation and leads to an enlarged prostate. One that may grow until it reaches the size of a baseball — or larger.

But an enlarged prostate is often a stepping stone to a more serious problem.

According to a large-scale study of 982 men published by the University of California at San Francisco’s Department of Urology, diets high in this food… increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer 40 to almost 90%.

So, it begs the question…

What is this dietary villain that’s so destructive to your prostate?
GMO corn.
Now if you’re surprised to hear me say this, here’s the real kicker...

According to the USDA, a whopping 93% of the corn crops planted in the U.S. contained GMOs in 2014.

As if that’s not enough, most of corn is now consumed by Americans. In fact, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley carbon tested strands of hair. The shocking results revealed that the average American is made up of 69% corn.

Frankly, their alarming findings didn’t surprise me.

Why? Because our diet is rife with GMO corn. And crop conglomerates like Monsanto hide it in thousands of processed foods.

Take, for instance, high-fructose corn syrup…

This poisonous corn sweetener has wormed its way into every corner of the pantry. It’s not just in our soft drinks and snack foods… where you would expect to find it. But it’s also in ketchup and mustard, breads and cereals, relishes and crackers, hot dogs and hams. No wonder the average American consumes 60 pounds of HFCS every year.

And, oh yes, let’s not forget…

You’ll also find GMO corn in countless processed foods under these names: 

Corn alcohol… corn extract… corn flour… corn gluten… cornmeal... cornstarch… corn sugar… vegetable oil… just to name a few. 

So you see, it’s everywhere! 

But my point is, your prostate simply isn’t designed to handle foods made with GMO corn.  

Now you could try eliminating corn-laden mutations from your dinner table. And, stop eating out altogether. And of course, your prostate would thank you for it.

But even if you could pull this off, it’s nowhere near enough to reverse damage done to it by this unnatural food. And “Big Agra’s” other crops soaked with herbicides and pesticides.  

What your prostate needs in order to be healthy and function normally is this very potent nutrient.

But there is just one small catch...
The “Essential” Nutrient for Prostate Health
Is MISSING from Your Diet
Thanks to industrial farming methods, and mineral-depleted soils and fertilizers, a potent nutrient that can actually protect your prostate has all but disappeared from our diet.

I’m talking about a plant-sourced fat called phytosterol.

Phytosterols are among the most critical nutrients to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow — which helps maintain healthy tissue in your prostate and urinary tract.

Without it, you’re at an increased risk for an enlarged or cancerous prostate that keeps you running to the bathroom… with little result. And you can also kiss your sex life goodbye.

I consider beta-sitosterol...
The KING of All Phytosterols and the Nutrient
Your Prostate Craves
Beta-sitosterol protects the cell membranes in your prostate gland, and generally helps support healthy prostate function.
It’s the “secret nutrient” in saw palmetto, which mainstream medicine in Europe and Asia has used as a prostate treatment for decades.

And yet, western medicine lags behind, failing to acknowledge the eye-opening results reported in studies across the globe.

But here’s the really interesting thing about beta-sitosterol...

Once researchers isolated it from saw palmetto and tested it by itself, study after study showed just how powerful it can be to help you:
  • Naturally shrink your prostate with virtually zero side effects…
  • Pee freely, forcefully, and without hesitation… 
  • Feel a complete emptying of your bladder… 
  • Go for hours at a time without peeing… 
  • End late night bathroom trips and keep you asleep longer… 
  • Ignite your sex drive and performance without the blue pills… 
  • Eliminate performance anxiety in bed, and…  
  • Keep your prostate well-nourished for trouble-free performance.
Amazing as it is, beta-sitosterol is just one of several phytosterols I’ve recommended to hundreds of my patients to close the “phytosterol gap.”

And defend against toxins hidden in Big Agra’s corn-laden foods and other GMO crops.
Only One Formula Closes the "Phytosterol Gap"
I know, because I developed this advanced prostate formula for my own patients.

You see, our prostates need nourishment like nobody's business. We haven't been treating them right for a very long time.

As a result, you may already be one of the 9 in 10 men with a problem prostate.

If so, it's time for you to do something about it.

Feeding that "primal force" inside you is the top priority.

That's why my natural prostate formula Prosta-Vive BetaQ piles on the phytosterols, with plenty of extra nutrition on top.
Dr. Sears is a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians. He’s made it his life’s work to challenge conventional medical beliefs and bring his patients the latest breakthrough discoveries in natural cures and remedies. He has  appeared on over 50 media outlets including ABC News, CNN and ESPN.
  • Board-Certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist
  •  Member of the American Medical Association
  •  Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine
  •  Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  •  Member of the Herb Research Foundation
  •  ACE-Certified Fitness Instructor
Four Powerful Prostate Boosters
First up is an herb from the mountains of Africa. It rivals beta-sitosterol in effectiveness and it’s called Pygeum africanum — which is just another name for the African cherry tree.

This phytosterol-rich bark is a godsend for prostate sufferers.

On one of my trips to Africa, I made sure to seek out natural healers who were well versed with pygeum, because its medicinal history is absolutely intriguing.

African healers shared it with European explorers as far back as the 1700s. I wanted to be the next to learn its secrets from those who know it best..
Pygeum's track record dates back centuries. And boy, does it ever work.
One review of 18 studies confirmed dramatic improvements in urinary health. In one study, men described having healthy urinary flow in just 60 days.

Other studies show it can even be beneficial for healthy sexual function.

Really, what else could a guy ask it to do?

That's why every daily serving of Prosta-Vive BetaQ has 50 mg of pygeum. That's the level I recommend based on what I learned about this super-potent botanical in Africa.

I made sure Prosta-Vive BetaQ closes the "phytosterol gap" the right way. And that's why saw palmetto is the next key ingredient.

Now, some people may tell you that saw palmetto is no longer a top prostate booster since the arrival of concentrated beta-sitosterol. Some formulas skip it altogether.

They're making a big mistake.
Saw Palmetto is Still One of the
Best Prostate Supporters Around
How highly do I regard saw palmetto? I grow it myself!
It's native to Florida where I live, so I harvest the berries, dry them in the oven and brew myself saw palmetto tea.

That's my idea of a perfect prostate tonic.

You see, saw palmetto is rich in phytosterols like beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. It also helps "close the gap" in a big way.

But saw palmetto brings more to the table than even many experts realize.
Scientists believe its uniquely high levels of healthy fatty acids like laurate and myristate may also be a big part of its success.7 So it doesn't make sense to give that up.

Its rich contribution of both phytosterols and fatty acids means saw palmetto is a keeper, plain and simple.

I made sure Prosta-Vive BetaQ includes the finest saw palmetto extract available. I can vouch for its premium quality because I've inspected where it's grown and extracted right here in Florida.

And you get a full 320 mg every day — more than many solo saw palmetto supplements give you.

I include that much because not only does it stand up on its own merits, studies show that saw palmetto has special synergy with the next two ingredients in Prosta-Vive BetaQ.
Saw Palmetto with Pumpkin Seed 
and Stinging Nettle = Two Thumbs Up
Now, pumpkin seed oil by itself is no slouch when it comes to prostate support, due to its own high levels of phytosterols and selenium.
It becomes extra potent when combined with saw palmetto, according to Swedish researchers who found it also supports healthy urinary flow and frequency.

Then there's stinging nettle root (Urtica dioica), another sterol-rich botanical that "light ups" and performs surprisingly well when combined with saw palmetto.

In a study of 431 men, stinging nettle root was incredibly useful for supporting healthy prostate function — without the need for a prescription pad! You can't beat that!
Pumpkin seed oil helps improve bladder health.
You get a combined 250 mg of pumpkin seed oil and stinging nettle root in a daily serving of Prosta-Vive BetaQ.

If you're keeping score, that's a grand total of 1,250 mg of phytosterol-rich ingredients in each daily Prosta-Vive BetaQ payload.

That's what I mean by "closing the phytosterol gap." Easy, right?

But Prosta-Vive BetaQ isn't done yet. I was determined to formulate the best prostate formula available, and there's plenty more to include:
One of Nature's Best "Soothers" for Lasting Comfort
Boswellia helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy prostate gland.
Aging prostates often result in irritation and tenderness, and no guy wants to feel that. So I've included a full 100 mg of 5-Loxin™ Boswellia Serrata Extract.

I've traveled extensively through India and Asia, where natural pain relief has been a way of life for thousands of years.

No matter how far I travel in the most remote regions of the earth, I have yet to find a natural irritation soother that works as well as boswellia.
Boswellia provides relief the safe and natural way. It can start working in just a matter of days.

5-Loxin™ is the world's finest boswellia extract. It has up to 10 times the active ingredient AKBA of typical boswellia extracts. That makes it the perfect extra-strength boswellia for extra-strength Prosta-Vive BetaQ.

Here's something else. Studies suggest boswellia also supports healthy prostate cell growth. Taking it daily can help guard your healthy prostate gland.

It's like aspirin for the prostate: you get relief from discomfort and preventive care to help your prostate stay healthy for life.
A Team of Powerful Antioxidants 
and Minerals Makes the Cut, Too
Lifelong prostate health is all about protecting prostate cells. You want to do your best to neutralize free radicals that will damage them.

That's why Prosta-Vive BetaQ provides the master antioxidant CoQ10. One study found that taking extra CoQ10 reduced prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in men with already healthy PSA levels by an impressive 33%.

You also get lycopene, a powerful carotenoid antioxidant found in tomatoes. It's highly concentrated in the prostate, so we know it's a nutrient your prostate cells crave.

Reintroducing it to your prostate helps sooth the gland and safeguard your prostate health against the ravages of time.

Last but certainly not least are the "prostate minerals" you need for a healthy prostate and powerful sex life: boron, zinc and selenium.
Now here's the deal: far too many men are deficient in these three minerals, too, and that just kills me.

As a guy, you know that every little bit "helps the cause" when it comes to your performance in bed. Don't let a common mineral deficiency trip you up!

It's just another reason why you want Prosta-Vive BetaQ on tap every day.

With its dozen nutrients and botanicals combined in full therapeutic levels, Prosta-Vive BetaQ closes the dreaded "phytosterol gap" and a whole lot more.

It's what a serious prostate formula looks like. And this is what it feels like:
Sheer Relief When You Pee.
Pure Serenity When You Sleep.
Confidence When You Have Sex.
Me, I feel better just reading that.

Imagine how you'll feel when you actually experience it.

You'll be amazed how a healthy prostate can help you enjoy life like a man decades younger. You'll feel better all around when you can…
  •  Sleep soundly through the night with just one or even zero trips to the bathroom
  •  Pee with unstoppable force again and remember why they call it "relieving yourself" 
  •  Stop being Mr. "I'll Be Right Back" at meetings, movies, parties and dinners 
  •  Enjoy surging desire and erections that turn back time without risky drugs 
  •  End the urgency attacks… the dribbling… the incomplete emptying.
And all it takes for these youth-restoring benefits is two capsules of Prosta-Vive BetaQ a day.

Why not give it a try? You're protected by my 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and I promise that you won't need 90 days to make up your mind:
You'll Be Singing "Hallelujah!" in the First Month
In fact, Prosta-Vive's BetaQ positive effects may begin putting a smile back on your face during the first week you take it. Some men respond that quickly.

You see, that's what happens when a starving prostate gets the full, replenishing nourishment nature intended for it all along.

Of course, every guy is different. But whatever the case, my 90-day guarantee gives you plenty of time to see for yourself without risking a cent.

If Prosta-Vive BetaQ doesn't do everything I've promised, or if you're not satisfied for any reason, I want you to return your purchase for a full refund.

Your satisfaction comes first above all else. That's why Prosta-Vive BetaQ has been so carefully formulated and packed to the brim with proven premium-grade ingredients.

I want to help you get the best results possible, because no man should have to put up with prostate challenges.

I believe Prosta-Vive BetaQ is the finest prostate formula available. But at the end of the day, your results are the only thing that matters.
So if Prosta-Vive BetaQ doesn't make things right, I'll most certainly make things right.

I'm convinced it will come through for you in a big way. After all, my reputation depends on your satisfaction.
Prosta-Vive BetaQ Delivers What 
Your Prostate Has Been Begging For
Isn't it time you closed the nutrition gap that keeps your prostate trapped in a cycle of poor health?

Put Prosta-Vive BetaQ on the job and experience healthy relief and renewal of the very best kind. And I don't say that lightly — the results can change your life.

Whatever you do, don't turn back now. The vital, problem-free guy you want to be is just ahead! 

Just click the button below.
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